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Roll Tank Deck System - Roll Tank 3
By:Joe Bousquet

Beams 1
Beams 2
Roll Tank 1
Roll Tank 2
Roll Tank 3
Deck 1
Deck 2
Finish N Fit
Gone Sailing

b28: The tank panel is stapled onto the tank beams. Rubber gloves and extra hands make the job go smoother. Note how the staples are placed through thin strips of cardboard to prevent dimples in the ply when the staples are removed. b29: The tank panel is stapled to the gunwale too.
JB14: The inside of the tank after being stapled on. Note how the resin and microballoon mixture helps to ensure good panel to beam contact. b30: Immediately after the tank panel is stapled on, the boat is rolled upside down, and I run micro balloon fillets at each tank-deckbeam joint. Yes, that's me looking inside the tank. A light at the forward end helps visibility, but some of the fillets are done by feel.

Joe Bousquet -