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Roll Tank Deck System - Roll Tank 1
By:Joe Bousquet

Beams 1
Beams 2
Roll Tank 1
Roll Tank 2
Roll Tank 3
Deck 1
Deck 2
Finish N Fit
Gone Sailing

b19: Resin is poured onto the inside of the tank panel which was dry-fitted to ensure it will go on without trouble. b20: The epoxy is squeegeed out. It seals the inside surface, adds strength to the curved tank, and prevents resin starved joints in the tank-deckbeam fillets.
b26: The tank beams are first coated with unthickened resin. Jb13: The tank beams receive a layer of epoxy thickened with microballoons and colloidal silica. The thickened resin serves two purposes when the tank panel is stapled down: the bulk of the thickened resin oozes out to form a fillet and any remaining resin bridges small gaps.

Joe Bousquet -