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Roll Tank Deck System - Gone Sailing!
By:Joe Bousquet

Beams 1
Beams 2
Roll Tank 1
Roll Tank 2
Roll Tank 3
Deck 1
Deck 2
Finish N Fit
Gone Sailing

"(Not So) Mean Tangerine" with her original low rig gets reborn in Charleston harbor for the Carolina Yacht Club regatta - August 22, 1998.
JB6: The sharp bow cleanly cuts the water.
JB7: The helmsman (or woman!) can easily sit inboard or out, aft or forward. The bow knuckle usually rides 1”-2” below the waterline when sailing to weather or reaching in displacement mode. JB5: Not So Mean Tangerine” sailing in Elizabeth City at the Nationals. Note how she’s curvaceous, comfortable and just darn good looking! THE BOAT, TOO!!!

Joe Bousquet -