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Roll Tank Deck System - Deck 1
By:Joe Bousquet

Beams 1
Beams 2
Roll Tank 1
Roll Tank 2
Roll Tank 3
Deck 1
Deck 2
Finish N Fit
Gone Sailing

b27: The foredeck beams are roughly cut and glued in.
JB15: The tanks and foredeck are on. Next up: the after deck and the deck around the well.

b21: The cockpit tanks and foredeck are on. The deck beams at the stern and the centerboard area are sawn to shape and glued in.
JB16: The after deck gets stapled on. The floor structure near the well starts to take shape. The deck beams are again sawn cedar. Triangular pieces of ply tie them to the hull and well.

Joe Bousquet -