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Million Moth March!
USMMCA Nationals - Brigantine - June 17

Yes it's true, another issue of e-MOTHBALLS (official zine of the U.S. Modern Moth Class).
Special Million Moth March issue.

Get on the bus! The nationals are just one month from today! (There is still plenty of time to build a boat, or two!). The venue, as you'll remember, is the Brigantine Yacht Club, in Brigantine, New Jersey just north of Atlantic City. The one day event will determine just who gets to drive home with Captain van Sandt's ashes in their car (the Captain's remains are contained in the trophy), (it's true).

If you have any questions about the event that haven't been answered in the last exciting issue of MOTHBALLS contact George Albaugh (the only one of us who is a member of the Brigantine Club, and our host for the event) at . Atlantic City clearly has everything you'll find on the West Side at the Port Authority. If you're not feeling lucky, maybe you'll want to stay at the Ramada, or Comfort Inn in Absecom (some local hotels rent by the hour!).

Racing is usually delayed until late morning because of lack of wind, however this year it could blow (odds are it will), and the skipper's meeting could be as early as 9AM. Be sure to bring a personal floatation device because you will not be allowed to race without one. Racing takes place on the Bay side, and conditions are flat water, usually warm (read hot), and sometimes shallow water (check out my blades!). If this is your first regatta, don't worry, this is the most pleasant group of sailors you'll ever race against. Just remember three things: boats with light brown sails always have right of way, never push the regatta host over the line early, and remember the Classic Moth guys still believe in "mast abeam" (it was a rule in 1928!).

There are about 25 boats that could sail in this event, and a good turnout depends on YOU showing up with a boat. Support your class and race! If you think you'll be there send an e-mail so we can anticipate the size of the crowd, thanks!

Top Ten Things About The Modern Moth Nationals 2000

#10.Wayne Newton will NOT be in Atlantic City when you are.

#9. Brigantine is closer than Maui, and you can drive there!

#8. Vintage Moths. Vintage burgers!

#7. You can wear your Douglas Gill dinghy suit in the casinos and nobody will say anything!

#6. Commemorative regatta T-shirts feature hot picture of Janet Reno sailing a Moth in a bikini.

#5. Crash boats sell liability insurance!

#4. Chance sightings of Tony Orlando!

#3. Continental breakfast from hotel fits in inspection port.

#2. USDA scientists found McLube doubles as sunblock!

And the number one thing about the U.S. Modern Moth nationals in Brigantine, New Jersey is:

#1. Atlantic City slot machines pay off in duct tape!