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News From France
by Louis Pillon

Hello to all,

Do you want some news of the old Europe?

The contest of plans of Moth Classics is appeared since more than 15 days and the Nautical Lounge of Paris has just closed his doors. It is the moment of making an intermediate balance.

Whereas we knew 4 former Moth in September only, we list 25 boats today: Nantais, Proust, Haag, Fragnière, Bailly, Dunand etc. .et is not in despair of recovering some Duflos and some Fauroux. The continuous hunting.

Besides Fauroux and Duflos, the associate initiators since the beginning, recovered us the trace of Pierre Haag (76 years), of André Fragnière, of Michel Nerbollier and of Bernard Dunand. Most between them should be present next September.

The settlement of contest doesn't oblige the competitors to a previous enrollment. Also we in will know the number that after March 15. Yet, 24 people gave us their intention of constructing a new Classic Moth. Among them, notes 3 naval architects, several civil architects and the son of Benoît Duflos who finishes his studies of engineer.

The class association was created for the sporty organization, the contacts between members and the federal authorities. The Federation French of Sails sustains our project and we have of excellent connections with the president of the set of the Europe. The future regattas will always be open to the Europe, in he opinion vow of all.

The site internet is opened since October 25. 211 pages were loaded in 7 weeks. This site is destined to helping the designers. We put regularly some plans to their disposition and we will continue to make it. These plans are in fact some "pictures" of plans, but we could send (same to the Americans ! ) some truths plans under AutoCad format (with the extension.DWG or.DXF) or on paper in format A3. An other tool to the disposition of the "internautes" it is the comparative blackboard between the Nantais, the Fragnière and the Fauroux.

The French magazines of sails relieve strong well the information and is ready to continue. The magazine "Sails and Sailboats" we put back a trophy to put in game in 2001. He was about a half hull of 80cm of the class J "Endeavour."

Is there one American for him dispute?


Louis Pillon