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12/31/1999 Letter From Erky
By:Erky Gregory

Dec 31, 99

Dear Mothies,

Another year has gone and it doesn’t feel like I have done much except clean up from Floyd. Sorry we had to delay the Nationals this year.

The election of officers is Jan 13 at my house at 3 O’clock.

Jerry Carter has suggested we have the annual meetings at the time of the nationals. Sounds fine with me. Also PBS of N.C. would still like to film a Moth race but it would have to be the 1st or 2nd weekend in May. Let me know what the feelings are. The water is still cold her at that time.

Dues are now due - $5.00.

I found an old Moth #1160 in Charlotte, N.C., Boat came from the Mountains of N.C.. It has a round bow, made of 1/8 ply with a 1” mahogany strip down the center. George Albaugh thought it was a Bill Lee but he says not. The number is stamped in the top front of the centerboard well which is mahogany also.

Any Ideas? Let me know.

Have a good new year,